Xena seeks the help of the god Krishna to rescue Gabrielle and Eli from the clutches of the King of the Demons. Najara and Xena XWP: Borias's death led to Xena giving Solan up to the Centaurs to be raised absent from the blood and aggression. It primarily focuses on the beliefs and folktales from antediluvian Greece and Rome, while a few episodes focus on themes after that folktales from Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Norse paganism. The Celebrated Journeys and Xena: She throws her Chakram at the carry with difficulty of explosives, which causes a large number of soldiers en route for be taken out.

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Gabrielle learns that a man named Gurkhan has kidnapped her niece. As they reach the acme, Solan drops his father's blade into the caverns. Xena trades identities with a look-alike princess in order to defeat the young woman's would-be assassins. Gabrielle begins a food fight accordingly she can get into confinement to help Xena. But regrettably, this also turns out en route for be the moment when the producers decided to kill him off. He upsets her as a result of saying that she is attractive Hope's return too personally, ahead of disappearing. Against Gabrielle's wishes, Xena set out to kill him and bring an end en route for his tyranny. In return, Gabrielle seemed to influence Xena all the rage the same way. Xena comes face to face with Cortesethe warlord who attacked Xena's community and killed her younger brother, Lyceus.

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